1. What is Dangerous Cute?
  2. Who makes it?
  3. Is there a story?
  4. What’s the update schedule?
  5. How is it made?
  6. What’s a clowder? Are the cats based on real people?
  7. Can I be in your comic?
  8. Will there be a book?
  9. Can I link to your comic?
  10. What can I do to support it?

What is Dangerous Cute?

‘Dangerous Cute’ refers to things that are both dangerous and cute… like a cat, all soft and fluffy and purring, with sharp, sharp needle teeth and claws that likes to MURDERIZE EVERYONE and then fall over and roll on comfortable blankets, looking really innocent. It basically describes the stuff that I’m into.

Who makes it?

That would be me, Melissa Douglas, aka Gab, aka Gabapple. I’m a web & graphic designer/coder by day, author/illustrator by night. Web comics, incidentally, fit into all three of my passions, plus cats! If you want to see more of my work, drop by my portfolio at

Is there a story?

It’s– well, sort of. The format is more or less a ‘slice of life’ sort of thing, with the occasional foray into story I want to tell at any given moment. Some things are snippets of my real life events or day-to-day, some are completely weird and never happened. The first 149 strips are very much a random grab bag of everything. I’m hoping that 150-300 will have more story arcs, but who knows?

What’s the update schedule?

I usually get the comics prepped on Thursday night, so the official update schedule is every Friday. I occasionally take hiatuses for things like conventions and moving, but this is a long-term project, so don’t worry. There will always be more cat comics.

How is it made?

Most of the strips are drawn on post-it notes with pen throughout the week, which is why the comic’s unofficial name is ‘The Post-it Note Cats.’ I’ll draw out several ideas on various sticky notes, arrange and rearrange to see what the best layout is, then scan and drop into the layout in photoshop. Sometimes, though, I’ll just do the strip digitally when I want more color. I like to experiment, so who knows what’ll happen?

What’s a clowder? Are the cats based on real people?

A ‘clowder’ is what a group of cats is called, and yes, for the most part, the cats in the comic are based on my friends and family. The process for designing a cat for someone is kind of mercurial… usually when a significant connection is made, and I just get a sort of ‘feeling’ about what their cat should look like. Often times, no one gets it, and i’m fine with that. Those in the comic are used with permission and retain their own names. I also have a few other characters running around, like IckleGab, Lore, Hipster Owl, Asylum, etc. that are just made up for fun.

Can I be in your comic?

Maybe. That depends on if I can come up with a strip with you in it without you asking. This project is one about experimentation and deadlines, and the muse for it is very fickle. The moment I start feeling like I need to cater to other people with it, the moment I shut down. It’s super lame, sorry.

Will there be a book?

I fully intend to get a book printed with the first 100 strips. I’ve actually started putting it together in InDesign, but my computer can’t really handle it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a new desktop soon, and get that project underway. I’ve done tons of research on printing places, gotten samples, worked out numbers, and done additional art for it… it’ll be a cute book, it’s just a little ways out still.

Can I link to your comic?

Please do! I’d be honored. I’ll get around to making some linking graphics pretty soon, even… I’m just trying to get a few other things in line, first.

What can I do to support it?

There are a few different things that you can do…

Moral Support: Read the comic and share it with people that you think might enjoy it. A comment or like on here or tumblr does wonders for warmfuzzies, too! If you see me at a con, please come say hi and let me know that you’re a fan. It seriously makes my day/weekend/month/etc!

Monetary Support: Right now, the only thing I have is donating via paypal, especially since I’m taking a break from the conventions right now. HOWEVER… keep checking my con schedule to come see me in person, pick up some prints or buttons, and maybe a commission or two! Eventually, I’ll have a Patreon account setup, too. I’m just trying to get all of the logistics worked out for that, first…

Have a question? Let me know!