I can't believe that 4hrs of sleep a night isn't enough... how could I have predicted this? OKAY SO many people have been wondering where I have been lately because I have been very quiet since Confuzzled. (Yes, still updating to the past from the future – oops.) WELL the truth of the matter is that my insomnia has been crazy, crazy bad lately. I can’t seem to sleep more than four hours at a time, regardless of circumstances. Unless I take sleeping drugs, I mean, then I can sleep pretty well but have to leave like a 10-hr block of time otherwise I have a hangover. It’s silly.
Anyway, I’m tired all the time and having a really, really hard time concentrating on anything. Which is bad since I have a full-time job, you know? Between that and the commute, by the time I get home it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to do anything at all, much less more work. Which is awful because I have commissions to do and the DANGEROUS CUTE book that needs to be released very soon! Oh no!! And then I get more stressed which makes it even harder to sleep and then less sleep means less focus which means less things are accomplished…
It’s a big mess!!! But I am trying different things to try to correct it. Thank you all for being so patient with me in the meantime. I dunno what is wrong with me, but it’s sure a pain. It’s like I have been lost in this really bizarre haze of ‘what is going on’? :'(

Regardless, I’ll have more info about THE BOOK in the next couple of weeks (July) – so please look out for it!!!