he's so dapper!

It’s mine and Aaron’s birthdays next week! His is Monday, mine is Tuesday. That means we get to be whatever we want this week. I’m a dog again because awesome, while he is a Changeling from My Little Pony ’cause they’re his favorite.

Why the dinosaurs? Well, this Saturday we are having an epic party in which we watch the Lion King 1 1/2 and the first Jurassic Park on bluray on a giant projector screen of amazingness. I am totally stoked. There will be jello jigglers. I am so not lying. They will be in the shape of dinosaurs!

ALSO… My new portfolio website is all finished, so go look at it! http://gabapple.com/

I will have more IMPORTANT and EXCITING and AMAZING news next week, so hang tight! It will be totally awesome. :D

Finally, please enjoy this incredible video: