This holiday icon is a perfect bonus panel! Christmas is here! Or, er, will be in just a couple of days. I’m excited to spend some more time with my family, even though it’ll be tough this year. But, we’re planning to go to the grave and wish my dad a Merry Christmas, so I’m hoping that’ll help. It’s crazy how life changes… and things you thought were secure and constant never stay that way. Even yourself. But even as the world becomes a stranger all around you, there are still good things that you find as you, too, adapt… as you look for the good in life. In the end, you might not end up with what you thought you wanted, but you’re probably better off anyway.

Life has a funny way of working out like that. As seen in A Christmas Story! <3 ANYWAY... uhh... yeah! PRESENTS. I will resolve this strip NEXT WEEK. GASP. And hey. James' bday was this last week! As was Mutant's! And Aaron's parents' birthdays were in the last two weeks! And Scott and Josh and Dustin's birthdays are NEXT WEEK. So many December birthdays, what is up with that?! Happy birthday, guys!