where am I? come find me Ah, the never-ending battle of schedule and ability continues. For the record, my tooth is doing much better now (I write this as of 03/30, though the comic is dated 03/07), and while I have more dental work to do, I’m now able to sleep and eat without any pain. It’s amazing how much you miss the simple things in life when they’re gone. :D

Though… that said, I still haven’t found Eraser-kun. Actually, I haven’t seen him since FurCon, so I suspect he may have been left behind or misplaced at some point (along with the cover to my exacto knife, eek!). Sad, ’cause I really like the sakura erasers. However, I KNOW I have some MAGIC RUB erasers somewhere, ’cause Jeff got me a whole box a while back… it’s just buried under all of the unpacked moving boxes. So, I went and got some White Pearl erasers and they’re working pretty well, which is easing me back into my workflow. I dunno what it is… sometimes all I can draw in is ball-point pen. Others, it’s digital only. Lately, it’s been mechanical pencil or bust. Hence the need for erasers, since I typically draw with 0.3 or 0.5 drafting pencil.

Speaking of which, I should get my art/craft room/studio set up. The art desk is in there, but it’s got moving boxes on it. I just need to spend a few hours moving crap out and getting things set up. Then I could get a nice, bright working lamp and go to town! Maybe I could even paint. Springtime always makes me want to paint huge canvases. It’s been soooo loooong since I’ve painted… wah, why are canvases so expensive? Maybe I should get a huge melamine board instead?!