You're so cute when you're being obstinate! Okay so, this about wraps it up for the Art of Quitting arc, for which I am very glad. Whew! It was a lot of work. I hope that it helps some folk. :) I’ve gotten some very nice comments, which is great! Very soon I will be starting my first bootcamp project in preparation for Confuzzled later this year, AND I’ll start up a Livestream Campfire where viewers will be given a prompt and we’ll draw together… with me showing off everyone’s (appropriate) art throughout the evening! I’ll make sure to post here when I have more details.

For now, an update on my crazy life:

In the last two weeks, Aaron lost his job, the apartment flooded again, James’ birthday happened, then Christmas, and we had a tire blow out on us and we had to go get it repaired… and three other tires replaced… Got a notice of wages being garnished. Unemployment still hasn’t kicked in. And we’re moving in two days. 8) Haha, what timing, huh? Oh well. We’ll somehow survive this!

FurCon is kind of in the air right now. We are still REALLY REALLY REALLY wanting and hoping to go, but we won’t know where our budget is until the unemployment comes in and so on. Fingers crossed. If you’d like to contribute to the cause, there’s a donate on the side bar of the site! Any tips are appreciated.

In the meantime, please keep your fingers crossed that Aaron will find a new job soon! He’s awesome and mega talented. And I really don’t wanna go back to not being able to buy groceries again. :V