I have very strong feelings on this subject! So here is a fun little subject. Please keep in mind that I am guilty of everything IckleGab is saying here – well, I mean, seriously, IckleGab was (and on occasion still IS) me. I know how it feels to be jealous and hurt because other people do stuff way better than I do. To feel like I’m NEVER EVER gonna get that good, so why should I bother trying? Well, that’s fine if you don’t really want to be an artist… but giving up because you’re not there yet is the worst thing you could do. Really, what is it going to do for you? You’ll sit there and whine and mope and then… what? Nothing? If it’s not moving you forward, it is not helping you and you should stop doing it. So no more being a whiney boobit!

This goes hand-in-hand with making artists feel bad about their work because it’s good. I’ve seen too many people feel terrible for showing off their stuff because they’re met with “omg I SUCK compared to you, I should just quit!” – like, how is that going to be productive for anyone? Don’t be a jerk. Just don’t. I’m not asking for sunshine and rainbows 24/7, but trying to shut down greatness for your own insecurity is awful.

Anyway. I’m hoping to get this arch all wrapped up before Christmas ’cause I miss doing silly little strips, but the response has been pretty positive so far. So, hang in there with me, and don’t give up!