first you draw an s and then a more different s Oh, wow, so I’m not entirely sure what last week’s comic was about, but uhh… yeah. Anime Banzai was a BLAST and I met all sorts of awesome people, including some FANS of this very comic! I kind of squealed a lot. It was great. :) Thanks to everyone who came by my table. I can’t wait until my next con! …which is Anime Vegas, in just a couple of weeks! Holy moly!

Now, art stuff. Today’s arty link is the WannaBeAnimator tumblr blog, which posts drool-worthy concept art, illustrations, tutorials, info tidbits, etc, perfect for those who love drawing and animation. OMG it is one of my very favorite blogs, and gives me uber shivers just to browse. There are pencil tests! And vintage art! And storyboards! AND AND AND resource links! QAs! Hooking people up when they need help! Go! Follow! Love!