No seriously, I can't get my mouth to close. Yes, it’s been that kind of a week. Too much to do, too little time, no sleep, no money, no end in sight. Yet. Things will get better; they always do. It just sucks right now… but such is life. LOL I have been SO emo this last week. Yikes.

And since we’re broke and moving, I’m going to do another icon day. It will take place on the 19th, which is forever from now, but I am crazybusy until then. I’ve got some art to do (long overdue – Skylanth, CF, Con), my full time job, and we’ve got to move out as well as help my mom move, all this month! AHHH. But still, feel free to grab a slot and paypal me. It’d be pretty fun… I promise… o___o I’m trying hard not to look desperate but I don’t think I’m succeeding.

Icon slot list:

You’re also welcome to donate. :D …er.. and uhm.. I’ll eventually open up clingybadge commissions, too. oOooo. And after we move, we’ll have MUCH better internet which means way more streaming fun! YAY.