the for reals scariest thing in the world IT’S HALLOWEENY TIME. And Conan Movie 15 with subtitles is available on the internet! And that is completely unrelated to this comic and Halloween, except for the fact that it’s kind of a scary movie! Uhhh… yeah!

Am I dressing up this year? No. I probably won’t even bother to put on my witch hat.

SO. We read scary stories at Writing Group last night. Simon and Zach both took turns reading short spooky stories by flashlight and the glow of a laptop screen. OoOoOOo. It was spooky awesome amazing. And ghost cookies. I love Halloween SFM. <3 Style of this week's strip inspired by the best Halloween book EVER:

Seriously, it’s about a haunted house and a witch and a black cat and ghosties and it’s freakishly adorable. I love love LOVE it.

And obviously I have been watching lots of Are You Afraid of the Dark? lately… HERE IS MY FAVORITE EPISODE: