country road kono michi I’ve been doing a bunch of livestreaming lately, due to the overly complicated way I decided to do icons this round. OMG. So much work. But I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out, and the company has been fantastic! ‘Course, CarpetCrawler got me singing and then people were saying nice things and then I sang too much and that probably didn’t help me get things done in any sort of timely manner. Also, my throat hurts now. But oh well. It was so worth it. Hopefully my viewers agreed!

I’m planning on doing streaming once a week… probably on Sundays? And an icon day once a month. It could be entertaining. I mean, I’m no Toby Turner (TOBUSCUS!!!!), but I can go WOOH!!! and talk about random things well enough. Plus, apparently, I’m fun to make fun of. :|

OH WELL WHATEVER. :D Point is… the icons are done! And I will be posting the finished compilation to the usual places as soon as I hear back from all of the commissioners for approval! Woot!