All I have is nerd music. Minami Takayama is a talented lady; she’s not only fantastic as Conan, with a huuuge range of emotion/depth for his voice, but is also quite good at singing. Her group, Two-Mix, has done several of the theme songs for the show, even. So when they released the character songs album, she had some tracks of herself singing the songs… as Conan. And those who have seen the show know that Conan canonically cannot sing. AT ALL. And she does it so well that it HURTS. I love it. It makes me laugh every single time.

Oh, Conan. I love you. <3 Speaking of which, 15th anniversary for Conan is this Saturday! They're releasing the 15th movie in Japan.*_*; So we're having another Conan Marathon in its honor! I'm totally excited. Can you tell? I think Conan is my anti-depressant. VIVA LA CONAN and NERDOSITY OBSESSION!