what does that even mean?! Yeah so this has been my life for the past few months… especially in the last 2. Between working all sorts of extra time to make up for time missed at cons, preparing for said cons, and MOVING from the apartment to this awesome house, I have been getting only 3-5 hours of sleep a night… even on the weekends, which is unusual for me. Some nights it’s getting stuff done, some it’s insomnia, and others it’s foot/knee/tooth/back pain. Anyway, it’s made me INCREDIBLY disorganized and very behind on things — like updating this comic!

So here’s what I’mma do. Tonight, tomorrow, and the next night, I’ll be updating this comic to get me caught up. I’m ALSO going to work on getting the next month of updates ready so that I don’t lapse anymore. Gotta get ahead like I used to!

Thanks for your patience and sweet words, everyone. It’s really been so motivating and encouraging. The fact that people actually NOTICED that I hadn’t updated gives me so many warm fuzzies, you have no idea. <3 <3 <3