As heard on the Detective Conan World Podcast! I love to cook. I don’t know a TON of recipes, but what I do cook, I do very well. My favorite thing to make is Curry Rice, aka my favorite food and – gasp – Conan’s, too! As such, when I was asked to be a returning guest on the Detective Conan World podcast, I did a segment on how to make Curry Rice! YAY. It’s so easy to make and SO tasty… plus makes for tons of leftovers! Or, you know, can feed an army of people during an anime marathon. 8)

This is a recipe I learned from my mom – she used to make it for my birthday every year. Thanks, Mom! Now everyone can enjoy. :)

Oh… and the PB&J? We had to write out these instructions during the Advanced Technical Writing course I took in college. Crazy!