but I thought you wanted whining! I SO did not feel up to doing the comic tonight, but here you go. .-.

Commissions! If I don’t know who the person is, I can usually knock a nice piece of art fairly quickly. Very few changes. Lovely. Smooth transaction. But if it’s for someone I know, particularly someone I already looked up to? I FAIL ALL OVER THE PLACE. It’s like art turns into math and I freeze up, forgetting everything I know about how to draw. The resulting product, which takes ten times longer than it should, is stiff, lifeless, and pretty terrible.

This is something that I desperately need to get over ’cause I can’t just keep drawing post-it note cats forever without repercussion. I have things to draw for people! Promises to keep! And just because I get all FREAKED OUT and perfectionistic doesn’t mean they should have to wait longer. GAHHHHHHHH. FRUSTRATION.

…any advice? ;_;