So many post-it notes... it's... so beautiful!

My mom made me a BOOK of my comic and gave it to me for Christmas. Like, all 73 strips printed and bound with a cover and everything. *_*; I am kind of freaking out about it. OMG. Also? She and Jeff got me post-it notes. SO MANY POST-IT NOTES. And Tammy sent one to me, too! I will have enough to last for months now. YAY. COMICS. FOREVER!

Geek geek geek. :D Oh, speaking of geeks… I’m also starting an Ask Melissakitty tumblr, so you can get post-it note cat responses to your questions!

Also, going to FurCon in a couple of weeks! Who else is going?!

Surprisingly nice in print!

See you all next year!