peanut butter and honey on wheat bread, oh yeah Life is busy but pretty good. I’ve got WIFYR consuming my soul, this comic, my writing, art commissions, the gym, etc. etc. etc. consuming my life… so I have plenty of variety and I am usually doing something productive at all times. But I’m not getting a lot of sleep during the week to show for it. Comme ci, comme ca?

This week I’ve got a two day writing workshop to attend and some critique stuff to do. Lots and lots of writing and hitting the huge learning curve from dabbling/first drafts to, oh hey I am actually writing a book with plot and meaning and such. I love that as I continue to do writing group, continue to research the craft and study writing, the better my understanding is…. mostly of just how much I DON’T know, but that’s coming in time.

But then there are times when you bring the one-page synopsis of your novel that you wrote at 5am to writing group and you have to stop and go “Huh? WTF is this?” … which is a little difficult at times. :D;