Tonight we dine on turtle soup? It’s time for the annual TMNT Cowabungathon! We’re watching movies 1, 2, 3, TMNT, and Turtles Forever this weekend to celebrate our favorite crime-fighting anthropomorphic reptiles. Plus summer? Perfect for chilling in the basement with pals and pizza. In case you didn’t know, I love ninja turtles. I may even nerd out about them more than I do about Detective Conan, which is saying something.

No, seriously, it is.

I listen to the first two movies on my zune at work at least every month. And re-read the fourth graphic novel semi-regularly. And growing up, my ninja turtles dated my barbies. Now a days, they just ride my Little Ponies into battle. I think it’s time I do a new version of that painting, though… perhaps when I get my birthday present at the end of this month — a set of the much coveted Toddler Turtles. OMG. SO. CUTE.

Ahem. Here are some commercials of other Turtle treats:

I have one of these cereal boxes framed. No joke. Aaron gave it to me for Christmas one year. Isn’t he the best?


Wait… what?

Wait, he made a wisecracking joke and got turned into a kid’s meal toy? That is terrifying and kind of disproportionate as far as revenge goes, don’t you think?

Oh well. And finally, a different kind of treat… Cinemassacre’s Top 20 Turtle Flubs, courtesy of the amazing Mr. James Rolfe. I’d link you guys to the Angry Movie Nerd review for TMNT 3 but uhh… I should keep a semi-clean rating for this comic. ;) The flubs will have to do. Thanks again for showing this to me, CarpetCrawler.<3<3<3