our blanket is stripey! GUYS I’M NOT DEAD. I swear. More on this next time (maybe). I have some info about it on my tumblr.

… but seriously. Frozen was cute. I liked it from the start, though it’s no Snow Queen, and the more I think about it, the more I like it. My biggest nitpicks are feeling like there’s a LOT of backstory that is just missing… like, it’s there, but we don’t get to learn about it. This makes me want to write a book about it. Uh. But anyway, the other things are animation-related. Like how stiff some of the character movements felt… and how the dresses didn’t have the weight/give that they should have. Of course, all of this is explained away if you imagine that they’re actually porcelain dolls in little doll dresses. Without a lot of fabric, of course it’s not going to have as much give. Enchanted clocks and dollhouses and play sets… suddenly, it all falls into place and absolves me of most complaints.

Ah, perspective and context. I know this kind of things drives people nuts, but it’s something that I do all the time. Something bothering me? Imagine possible scenarios where it’s justified and suddenly… poof! Fantastic. Kind of like learning a bad guy’s backstory and not being able to hate them anymore, even if they’re really rotten. Ugh, I love that.

Now watch this clip (yes, the ‘Let It Go’ song that is all over tumblr forever), and pretend that Elsa is really a doll in an enchanted playset~

Speaking of playsets, did anyone else have the old Littlest Pet Shop toys? I have this one somewhere…

borrowed from tarinatarantino’s stream on flickr