but I can't stoooooopppp I have been roleplaying for many, many years. It started out as tabletop D&D stuff with my brothers, playing pretend in the school yard and, in 1998, text-based RPing on MUSHes. Ohhhman. I think it may be my very favorite activity of all. I don’t have time to do it much these days, but I will always have such fond memories. I mean, what can be greater than writing stories with your friends? Exchanging paragraphs, trying to get reactions out of them, practicing your craft… And then you can do art of your characters and your friends’ and squeal in excitement… especially if it’s based on a fandom, then oh man! So much material to get enthusiastic over and talk about for hours and hours on end and then your friends fall asleep while you’re still blabbing on and on and it’s so much fun.

I mean. I fell in love with the guy who is now my husband through a roleplaying MUSH. We used to play all the time. It was amazing. We still get to, sometimes, but life keeps us too busy to do it much. I hope I never stop, though, as busy as I get. Keeps you on your toes. Creative juices flowing. It’s.. just… awesome. I’ll have to write a big ol’ essay about it one of these days. :)

In the mean time, track down a copy of The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising. The special effects are… special… and it’s incredibly nerdy, but a really, really great way to explain why roleplaying is so amazing. I love this movie.

Here is the low quality trailer: