My legs hurt too much to sit at my desk to make the next part of Miss Monster, so you guys get a classic post-it note comic! Extra lame because I hand-wrote the text (obviously) and used my cell phone instead of my scanner (also obvious). Whoops. Hopefully I’ll do more with the dragon next week. I really am going to buy those wraps. Or at least a couple of them.

BuT FOR NOW… my mom’s pomeranian puppy, Mr. Gibbs, really likes to nibble. He’s learned not to make it painful at least, but he will just keep chewing on my hand until he is physically removed. Which is hardly ever because if I am there, he is on my lap.

And now I think it’s time for a nap… I keep doing that thing where I’ll go a week or so and not be able to sleep at aLL, and then do a week or two where that’s ALL I want to do. Ughh..