par for the course I have written just over a hundred words in the last week, and I’m still so worn out from Vegas that I don’t have the energy to write. Here’s hoping the write-a-thon tomorrow night helps!

But I gotta say, seeing my art all over the con on the tshirts and program books and stuff was totally awesome. :D Yay Anime Vegas! I met tons of new Conan fans, we raided the local Wal*Mart for their pony selection, ate the best ramen ever at Anime Ramen, and had way too much fun giggling/laughing/doing horrible voices in the car and every night in the hotel room. Awesome panels, fantastic guests, and I WAS ON THE STAFF PANEL at the end. And hung up lots of posters and signs. It was epic.


Oh but hey, thanks for all of the recent feedback on the comic, guys! I’ve added some twitter button things and I intend to update the website over the next couple of weeks. There’ve been requests for more holiday cards and prints, too. Not sure what to do about that, but I’m working on it. I appreciate the support! <3