But at least you'll have a novel at the end! Okay. A few things. First, I’m currently at 14k and won’t have any time to write until tomorrow night at the earliest. Sad. I am behind. BUT, keeping up much better than I have in previous years. This is awesome. Where are you NaNoWriMos at? Keeping up? :) The becoming obligated to stuff you don’t want to do is a really good trick, except that you still have to do the stuff you promised even if it’s not fun. But this has trick has worked quite well with moving, mid terms, seeing family for the holidays, etc… not that I ever use this. No sir. I am 100% serious and on top of things. Especially commissions. … *shifty eyes*

Ahem. But back on writing. OMG. My friend Cori submitted a query to an agent recently and got a personalized response back! How amazing is that?! I mean, she is probably rolling her eyes right now saying “it was a rejection, Melissa, why should I be excited about it?” …well, because you’re on the path to publication and putting yourself out there! No pain, no gain. Gotta get that grit in the clam to make some pearls. Also, it was her birthday last week, so everyone wish her happy birthday! :D

ALSO… we are getting packed up to head out to ANIME VEGAS in just a couple of hours. EE. I hope to see some of you there! My business cards got here just YESTERDAY and I am excited to give them all out to unsuspecting people. You guys should know that I did the design for the poster, the program cover, the t-shirt, some various signage… I am going to take photos of EVERYTHING. YESSSS.

my vague and cute business cards!

See you there!! <3