TAKE THAT, OPTIONAL RECREATIONAL SEMI-SOCIAL ACTIVITY! I don’t know how, but I somehow beat it. My novel’s not done, but I did make significant progress. Also, I finished with 40 minutes to spare, not mere seconds… but you know me, always gotta be dramatic! Major thanks to all of my buddies local and online, and of course my writing group, Room 5446, that kept me in word wars and cheered me on the last night as I ran through another 10k day. WHEW. Most of my group finished, too! It was great! We all rock, even those who didn’t finish. Congrats to you NaNoers! :)

Now it’s December. My cons are over. NaNo’s over. I almost don’t know what to do with myself. But I’ve got my new portfolio website to finish, tumblr to update, this comic to keep up, and some other secret projects for next year… not to mention the commissions that are waiting for me to work on. *cough* So I guess I’ll stay plenty busy, but hopefully a lot less stressed! Woo!!!