I want to say that this is based on a true story, and it kind of is. Sort of. At least, this is how I remember it happening, anyway… Take that as you will, I guess. I distinctly remember thinking that there wasn’t any real danger because the sky wasn’t green. Also, there should probably be bugs in this. I’ll have to remember that for next time. Bugs all over the place… which would be fun for a little cat!

In other news, I started my new job this week and I love it. I take the train to and from the very tall and fancy building downtown in which I work on the 16th floor. The views are great, especially since it’s been raining all week in the afternoons, which just makes me think about Washington. Ahhh. <3 Incidentally, this has been very helpful for this week's strip. But stormy is always my favorite weather, so I don't know if that's really surprising. Sort of like saying that water is wet, I guess. FINALLY... don't forget to send in questions to the FAQ! I need to add more content, plus some questions will get answered as mailbag questions. I still have a couple of them left from last time, bu the inbox is always open!