So here we are, nearly a year later back from hiatus with a brand new website! It’s been forever since I upgraded comicpress/comic easel and completely destroyed the old site, so it was about time. I’m still going to be tweaking things here and there in the coming weeks, especially as I add more features and content.

As I mentioned on tumblr, I’ll keep adding new stuff to the gallery, changing the social media links (tumblr, twitter) to a link page that will have banners and code for others to link to me, as well as links to other comics and my artist buddies that I adore. I’m trying to convince myself to start a Patreon campaign, too… just gotta figure out all of the logistics, supporter levels/rewards, and so on. Whew. But that’s all forthcoming, for now please enjoy the newly-revamped FAQ, the brand-new logo, and of course, the comics!

See look, the logo is on post-it notes. Since, you know, the comic is… mostly drawn on… post-it notes. cOUGH.


ANYWAY! This strip starts a new story primarily featuring IckleGab (aka much younger me) during the time in my life that I spent a lot of time exploring the tall grass, catching pokemon grasshoppers and lying on transformer boxes. I only lived in Texas for 2-3 years, but the memories of my time there are vivid. Probably not accurate, but whatever.

I still remember how our car was so hot to the touch that it felt like ice and how utterly convinced I was that if I kept heading through the fields behind the house that I’d end up in the Sahara desert. Fresh watermelon was sweeter, dogs were the best thing ever, and you could only be a ninja if you had a bamboo pole to fight with– fortunately, there was a bamboo ‘swamp’ within walking distance to our house.