Also, I forgot how long it takes for web comics to get anywhere in a story. Friggin heck. It’s going to take a million years to get where I want it to. Ugh. Oh well. Binge-reading the archives will be fun… that’s my favorite way to read comics (and watch stuff, incidentally). Ickleme is a bit crazier than I am, at least outwardly.

AND NOW… for a mailbag question!

Anonymous asked:

“What’s your new job? I see you talking about it all the time, but I have no idea what it is you do!”

Ah-hah! Well, I won’t tell you who I work for, since I want to avoid stalkers and getting into trouble , but I WILL tell you a couple of things.

  • I work for a commercial real estate firm, NOT a web development company (first time in years!)
  • My title is now Graphic Designer instead of Web Designer (which is cool because my dad was a graphic designer!)
  • I still get to do a lot of web stuff, and in fact it’s the niche that I fill in my team, so I get a lot more authority/responsibility in that regard
  • I adore my co-workers. Everyone is supportive, proactive, and friendly. We all like working. It makes for a very productive and fun atmosphere!
  • My day is littered with projects of varying size, so I never get bored. One minute, I’ll be making flyers for a property listing, the next I’ll be assembling a package for a broker, or helping with HTML tweaks for e-blasts. There’s always PLENTY to do, but it’s never overwhelming. We just get a LOT done.
  • Part of my responsibilities includes printer maintenance, so I’m learning all of the ins-and-outs of traditional print, which is glorious. It’s so satisfying to hold my design work IN MY HANDS.
  • I get to work directly with my clients to make sure that they get exactly what they need. This means getting up from my desk often for productive socialization, which is awesome! The extrovert in me is very pleased.
  • Training is kosher on the clock, so in downtime, I’ve been doing tutorials for InDesign and Illustrator. InDesign is beautiful. I don’t know how I ever lived without it before!
  • I have to dress business casual, which is hard on a broker-than-broke budget, BUT!!! the company pays for my TRAX pass, so I get to ride the lightrail train every day to and from work and walk around downtown with all of these skyscrapers and professional people. It feels very fancy.

Yeah. It’s kind of like that. And, oh gosh, I have health insurance for the firs time in two and a half years! I’m too broke to go to the doctor yet, but in a couple of paychecks, I CAN. AAaaaah. <3 ... TL;DR: I'm a graphic designer. I help real estate agents. :) Here, have a taco cat: