california smells like butterscotch and dreamsI don’t know if anyone can read my handwriting but… well… the fact of the matter is, I still haven’t installed photoshop on my laptop. Oops. :D And it’s late and everyone in the hotel room is sleeping and I am sitting in the corner in the dark updating my comic. UHHM. Yes.

Hello new people! Especially from FurCon!

I should really… really go to bed. It was a 13~ hour drive here and there is lots and lots to do tomorrow!

(Here’s the more intelligent comment I posted with the comic on my DA and FA galleries: As you might have guessed, I’m at FurCon this weekend! I don’t have a table, but I’ll be wandering around… hoping to hang out in the creators lounge most of the weekend to get excessive amounts of drawing done. Feel free to come say hi – I’d love to meet you all!)