I THROW IT ON THE GROUND OKAY FINALLY HERE IT IS. Part 8! Sorry about that delay, things have been crazy!

But I did want to mention something here. It IS good to learn to draw lots of different things. Breaking things in your head down into compontents of real objects can help you get things looking realistic and add a realistic depth. And then, once you really understand something, you can make it stylized but still readable.

HOWEVER, there is something to be said about drawing the same things over and over again… I don’t have the link for it right now, but there was an article I read somewhere that talked about how the kids that draw the horses or dragons or motorcycles over and over again usually had a tough home life or some difficult stress that they were going through. It is okay to use art as a stress relief. In fact, I strongly encourage it. Drawing is a way of communicating that is fairly incomparable to anything else. Even drawing squiggles or circles can help relieve stress and emotional pain. So yes, do draw what you enjoy. Do draw that cat facing to the left a hundred thousand times over. Do it and don’t feel guilty. You’re probably gonna get REALLY good at drawing that, and it will help you. And when you’re ready to learn to do more, start branching out, little by little. It’s not a race. Just enjoy it. :)