Hibernating sounds good except for the eat less food part. I drew this right after NaNo last week. After all of the cons and writing and other projects this year, I am exhausted! And cold. Or was. Aaron fixed the heater today, which makes me so happy. It is making the cats more active. I am looking forward to sleeping and not shivering. It will be wonderful.

Ahem. But new projects are always on the horizon! It looks like Aaron and I will be going to FURCON next month, and I have a bunch of awesome art-related ideas in the works. :D

Also, lest you forget, my tumblr updates daily with sketches! http://gabapple.tumblr.com/ – YES, even Dangerous Cute sketches on occasion! KITTIES FOREVER.

ps. Note to self: this is the first comic done in 300dpi.