I MISSED YOU GUYS So as it turns out, the furry community just keeps getting bigger and bigger! It also turns out that I’ve now realized that I kind of ran away from everything a couple of years ago. A lot’s been going on in life, but now I am eager and determined to get back into doing what I love! And that means drawing a lot of cute and cuddly critters and making a lot of friends! YES.

But seriously, FurCon was awesome. I caught up with a lot of my old friends that I haven’t seen in forever, met some of my favorites from the internet in person for the first time, and met a lot of new people who I am now stalking. And really, isn’t that the point? It was so nice to hang out with such awesome people. I also got a lot of drawing done, which will be posted in the usual places eventually. I’m hoping to get a table for FC next year, too. The badges I made were a big hit!

(Special guest appearance by Astolpho! Go check out his comic here: http://dawnchapel.com/!!!)