By Kristakitty!

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I really, really, really love Detective Conan. Just saying.

Three things. First, happy birthday, Becca! It’s so nice to be able to completely geek out about the glory of Conan Edogawa with someone. And what better way to geek than by having a Conan Marathon this weekend in Becca’s honor? Panel five is a fairly accurate representation of these, really… everyone crammed into my basement with Becca and I drooling at the screen like rabid dogs. Curry + sushi + cheesecake + cookies in the shape of Conan’s head = FTW! YEAH.

Secondly, Krista did a guest comic! Click click click on it to see the full view. Thanks for the bonus material, Krista! (For more Krista, check panel four of today’s strip, where Becca and I are testing her patience… and panel five where she is cozied up with her honeybunch, Zach.)

And last (but certainly not least), Scott has finally made an appearance in this comic! Now all of my bros are here. Whew. I need to redo the What? page to show off all of the clowder!