...they're now at the mercy of the united states postal service! Once upon a time, I went to Borders and saw a book. The cover intrigued me, so I picked it up and started reading. Inside was a wonderful set of postcards sent by anonymous people and contained their deepest, darkest secrets. The book fascinated me, though the price tag did not. I took a photo of the book and vowed to return for it some day. I kept thinking about it off and on for the next couple of years — seriously, the 10 minutes I spent in the bookstore influenced me that much — but forgot to go get a copy. UNTIL just the other day, when I happened upon another book in the series! I couldn’t help it; I snatched it up before I could think better of it, consumed the book in short order, and fell in love all over again.

I highly recommend them. There’s something really powerful about a secret — and the ability to share one. This has brought on several discussions between Rachelle and I, leading up to our writing some secrets on postcards just today to mail in! Boy was it scary. But it felt pretty great, too. You guys can try it, too.

Go here to read more: http://postsecrets.com/
OR, just send a postcard to:

You are welcome to buy me a copy!

The book I wanted to buy!


This is the book I ended up buying!