all you gotta do is take a cup of flour So once there was a pink pony named Pinkie Pie and everyone decided that we were kindred spirits aka the exact same person. I was very resentful of this, even though there is a disturbingly large pile of evidence to suggest that this might actually be the truth. Whatever. I am clearly serious business and not at all cute ever. Or nice. I am mean. And it’s totally coincidental that I randomly break into song, love cupcakes, and want everyone to be my friend. The song that everyone’s been talking about lately – Smile – just happens to be my personal anthem and theme song, too. I’m not sure how Pinkie Pie got a hold of it, but there will be repercussions… MELISSA KITTY STYLE.

Here is the video so you can all see just how ridiculously creepy it is:

And, for the animation nerds (myself included):

Oh also, the Valentine’s Day cards from last week that I forgot to post: