The HISSING. Can you HEAR IT?! Okay, I’ve now caught up with the comics! Make sure to scroll back a couple of pages to catch any that you might have missed. ^_^

Ahem, so. In our non-existent free time, Aaron has been trying to get me into Minecraft! It’s fun! I have been chopping wood and gathering some sugar cane, and I learned how to make mushroom soup which stops me from starving to death. Day time doesn’t last nearly long enough, though, and while the night is very pretty, it’s also terrifying. I mean, I knew about the creepers because, come on, I’m on the internet… but then there are the endermen thingies and GIANT SPIDERS and zombies and stuff?! What!?! I have a lot to learn. The only thing I really know how to build is… planks. As in, taking wood that I’ve chopped and turning them into… wood planks. Uhh. Which I then turn over to Aaron so he can actually do stuff with them. But I only barely started playing, so I’m sure I’ll learn!

Uhhmmm so… There… we go.

Oh hey, Valentine’s Day is next week. Remember that you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy it! Show love to friends and family, too! <3