oh hey I should get my passport Buwahaha okay so here’s the comic that was supposed to be last week’s. Tomorrow I’ll do this week’s comic and then we’ll be all caught up! Woo! :)

Furcon was pretty much amazing. It was the first furry convention I’ve ever sold at, and it definitely won’t be the last. It’s a lot different than anime cons, though. At those, I mostly sell buttons like crazy cakes, a few prints, and maybe one or two commissions. At FC, it was the complete opposite… TONS of commissions, a handful of prints, and a few buttons. So this con was a lot more work than other ones, but I also made more money because commissions are more expensive. My arm hasn’t quite forgiven me for it, yet, though… and I have a couple from the con to still finish up and mail out. Man, those clingy badges are so fun to do, though! And everyone has such cute characters! I’ll be posting those in the next few days, when I finish up the last that I have… probably make a gigantic post with all of them. :)

Next up con-wise is Crystal Mountain Pony Con, then the Biggest Little Furcon, and then CONFUZZLED. We’re also hoping to hit the Rocky Mountain Fur Con in August! Check my portfolio site for the full list of cons we’re hoping for right here: http://gabapple.com/events.html

Any other cons I should go to? Haha. If we had the money, we’d go all over! It’s so much fun! :D