roar I am a lion of spring! Have you guys seen those little pipe cleaner chickens for sale? Seek them out; they are cute. Back in 6th grade, I had to make a castle diorama for school. My dad did most of the work. It was made of foam core and was so totally awesome. We filled it with these little guys. I took it to school and put it in the lunch room where all of the other castles were. I was the only one with little chickens, but I was so proud. It made perfect sense to me. This is what I was like when CRYSTAL first met me.

Honestly, looking back, I’m not sure why she bothered to talk to me. I was just as insane then as I am now!

Case in point, two days ago I bought some of these chickens and dumped them all over her keyboard at work. Why? I don’t know. Of course, she didn’t really get mad; she carefully arranged them on her desk in a very orderly and organized fashion. They are incredibly cute.


Happy Easter, everyone! Thank goodness it’s spring, FINALLY… we’re getting a lot more rain than snow now, which makes me a happy camper!