Why would anyone voluntarily help me move? Something must be wrong with my friends. Oh man! So Aaron and I are living at the new house now and it’s so totally amazing. Leagues above our crappy old apartment, and also better than our old house. The location is excellent, the layout is choice, and we have very fast internet. The kitties are so happy to have room to stretch and run around, too! This is much better. There are still a LOT of boxes to move out and I’ll be cleaning the old apartment for a week after work, I’m sure, but we are much closer to getting nicely settled.

Thanks to everyone who helped us move, and those who wanted to but weren’t able to! I don’t know how I got such good friends, but it’s much appreciated. Geez, you guys moved us into the apartment only like a year ago, and were eager to help yet again. ;-; <3 Sob. ALSO, re: FC. We're still planning on going. I've been getting my prints organized and stuff. I'm just terrified that we won't be able to pay for it. But I THINK... I THINK I can break even in the dealer's room, which would make it TOTALLY worth it. So fingers crossed! I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna go! Fun people to see! Family to hang out with! Hobnobbing to do! ART TO DRAW. And too many business cards to hand out. :) yes yes yes