Bonus - Post Con Blues A large portion of the Clowder went to Anime Vegas this past weekend! Fun was had by all – perhaps too MUCH fun – and we were totally exhausted by the end of the trip.  Not pictured here are scenes of fangirling over the voice actors (Jerry, Vic, and Travis to name a few), SHINIES from the dealer’s room, melting from the record heat wave, my totally rad and official STAFF BADGE, or the lovely roast dinner we made at the *gorgeous* time share. Among other things. But that’s okay! We will just have to go back to Anime Vegas next year. :3

PS. Trying out a new method for doing the comics thanks to wonderful Becca!kitty, who gave me colored post-its and matching colored pens! It’s a LOOOT easier to get it to look just the way I want now. YEE! Thanks, Becca!