winter wrap up winter wrap up! This is like… THREE STRIPS IN ONE! Lucky you! Must be St. Patrick’s Day or something.

Some of the clowder drove down to St. George last weekend for the annual Anime Fannatiku! It was quite fun, despite some interesting situations. This comic is only a very small glimpse of the insanity that is an anime convention. Still, it was nice and small, which was great for getting the chance to talk to Sean Schemmel, who was there as the VA guest of honor. Such a rad dude. His panel was great, too. And it was especially cool for me because I have loved Goku for a very, very long time. WAAAY back before I even got into Pokemon, if you can believe that. Man it was cool to finally meet him. PLUS HE SIGNED MY DEATH NOTE. WTF AWESOME.

Also notable about the trip: Jeff splurged on nice rooms. POOLSIDE ROOMS AT THE CON. SO CONVENIENT. SO CLASSY. SO COMFY. ASDJFKJLFDS. JEFF YOU ROCK. AND, Krista and I totes entered the IRON FAN ART contest and drew very cute pictures. <3 I got second place, too, and won a manga that I'd never heard of before! I guess that's cool! And and uhhh... uhmm.. I am always a fan of the Ouran cosplayers. There should be Ouran people everywhere I go. Also? Sushi. The biggest problem with the con was that there was a distinct lack of Conan. I did manage to pick up seasons 4 & 5 in the Viridian Collection, which is fab, but come on! We need more Conan! Jerry Jewell wasn't even at this con. Pft I brought Case Closed stuff for him to sign, but I guess I'll just have to save it for Anime Vegas! :)

Anyway, enjoy your Winter Wrap-Up this weekend, everypony!