maybe this was a bad idea I guess a bunch of people don’t know that 90% of this comic is drawn with colored pens on post-it notes. Not that I blame them for not knowing; my information page is missing on this site. Have I mentioned lately that I need to redo this website? Yeah, I do. I’ve got a design sketched out, just need to… do it…

Anyway, er, yes. Post-it notes. That’s why I love it when people send me post-it notes! Or money to buy post-it notes! And pens. I’ve gotten many wonderful post-it notes in the last several months from wonderful, wonderful people, and I appreciate them muchly. Post-it notes are perfect for drawing on. They fit into pockets and purses, are inexpensive so if you mess up you don’t care, and handy for seeing how the panels will look laid out before getting too far into it. So handy.

And I love drawing in pen. Mm-hmm. But that is why some things are so messy. :)


That said, here is a commercial with cats in it! My favorite part is the squirrel.