I told you I could draw more than stick figures. Okay, so it’s a couple of hours early, but so what? It’s Thursday in New York and it’s been one year of Dangerous Cute! I haven’t missed any deadlines*, the quality (and the lack thereof) had stayed fairly consistent, and I have a little group of routine readers. It’s fantastic. I honestly never thought I’d get this far. Yes, my hopes for this were set that low.

Thanks to all of you who have read so far, and welcome to all of the new people checking the comic out! I waited until the one year mark to advertise on my art archives to make sure that I could keep it up, and now I feel comfortable enough with it to share it with more people. So, sorry for keeping it a secret. I hope you all enjoy the post-it note cats as much as I have. <3 *Remember that the comic is posted by the end of Thursday Melissa Standard Time, aka before I go to bed. So technically, yes, I have never been late. :D