I AM SO EXCITED Woah hey, what do we have here?! New people?!?!? Gasp. See, Crystal and I went to N*Sync waaaay back in the day. 1999, I think. My mom and I went and saw Suzy Bogguss together. Scott, James, and I went and saw Depeche Mode (om nom nom), and I’ve seen my dad play a million times in his various bands. He’s pretty much amazing, btw. No joke. All great concerts and good company. <3 And tonight... Aaron and I are going to go see Linkin Park. FREAKING OUT. I adored their latest album… so I cannot wait. Best valentine’s day present ever? I THINK SO. YEAHHH.

Oh yeah. We went to Video Games Live once, too. I hope they make it back to Utah some day. It was incredible! But that doesn’t really count here… nor do the various choir performances that I’ve been to, or symphonies, etc.