spiders aren't very romantic! I stayed home sick today and tried to work on the comic between bouts of unconsciousness, which resulted in very little work at the end of the day. Fortunately, I remembered that I’d drawn this strip back in February, so only needed to assemble it in my nyquil-induced drunkenness. I thought it was funny then, though, and I think it’s reasonably funny now… but I wasn’t really promising funny anyway, so tough cookies!

Part of me wanted to say that I should try to get some guest strips stock-piled for days like this, but then I remembered that the comic is only once a week and it really doesn’t take me very long, so I should REALLY just stock-pile a bunch of strips on my own to make Thursdays a little easier in general! I shall work on this. I have a bunch scripted out, just not drawn… more than stick figures. Yes, the strips usually start out looking uglier than this. Hard to imagine. But it’s true! :D

k sleep now